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Keep Rupiah Weakens

Written By JSap on Jumat, 23 September 2011 | 02.13

Euro exchange rate rose briefly on Friday morning, 23 September 2011, after the emergency declaration G20 to tackle the crisis in the eurozone. Unfortunately global recession makes the stakes in Asia's worst loss since November 2008.

Finance ministers and leaders of the G20 central banks will respond and coordinate to face the new challenges of the global economy. They also noted a decreased risk of increasingly severe credit squeeze, the vulnerability of financial systems, market turbulence, the weak economic growth, and high rates of unemployment that can not be accepted.

As quoted by Reuters on Friday, September 23, 2011, warning of risk of economic decline also came after an awful estimates from the U.S. Federal Reserve. These conditions encourage the world's stock plummeted in the past 13 months ternedah.

The dollar and yen fell sharply after U.S. stock indexes plummeted overnight. Office of the Japanese news service, Jiji, on Friday reported that the G20 is preparing an emergency statement to confirm cooperation to overcome the debt crisis in the eurozone.

This news makes the euro exchange rate against the dollar this morning rose 0.7 percent to U.S. $ 1.3561. The euro also strengthened against the yen, after falling as low during the last 10 years.

However, the rupiah against the U.S. dollar this morning fell to a level Rp9.240 per U.S. dollar. Yesterday afternoon, the rupiah was trading at Rp8.720. The exchange rate is down sharply from earlier this month that trading at levels Rp8.533.

Meanwhile, South Korean won strengthened against the dollar, following a warning governments and central banks to sell dollars.
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Michael Owen Not Out

Manchester United striker Michael Owen proved himself not up yet. In the match against Leeds United in the third round League Cup (Carling Cup), Owen scored two of the three-goal victory MU.

As the fifth choice striker at Manchester United, the goal was also to answer the trust manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who did not bring one of Newcastle United. Fergie Ferguson-greeting-time dicibir Owen into the cage when it landed the MU. Given the age Owen is no longer young and had almost retired in Newcastle.

However, Fergie still see the sharpness in self-Owen who was nicknamed the 'Boy Wonder' of Liverpool. With two goals in the League Cup, Wednesday, September 21, 2011 and then, Owen has collected 16 goals for the Red Devils.
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Sticking with Difficult Barca 3-4-3 formation

Barcelona's Xavi Hernandez assess difficulties persist with the 3-4-3 pattern. Xavi assess the Blaugrana are safer if you use a 4-3-3 formation.

With so many defenders injured, coach Josep Guardiola makes changing formations in recent games. Guardiola was forced to add one player to the midfield and back line allowed to use three defenders.

The result is less effective enough for Barcelona. Defending champion La Liga and the Champions League is more easily broken this season, including when he was arrested Valencia at the Mestalla, Thursday, September 22, 2011.

Barcelona's Xavi admitted less effective if you use the 3-4-3 formation. And with the recovery defender Gerard Pique, making Barcelona Xavi hoping to return to play with a 4-3-3 formation.

"3-4-3 system is good, but also made ​​it difficult to survive," said Xavi, told

Barcelona is currently still in fourth place standings with a score of eight points. However, Barcelona's Xavi current position does not reflect the game on the field.

"Physically and mentally, we dominated in every game, but we're not lucky," said Xavi. (eh)
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Liverpool Welcomes Return of the Captain

Liverpool match cons Brighton and Hove Albion in the Carling Cup last night was special for the Reds camp. In addition to a 2-1 victory, the Reds also welcomed the return of the captain, Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard fans deserve highly anticipated and retainer of the Reds. Anfield icon has been hit by six months on the sidelines due to injury. No wonder if the retainer of the Reds welcome the return of Gerrard's joy. No exception to the manager Kenny Dalglish.

Although Dalglish has been long anticipated Gerrard injury by bringing in some new signing, but Gerrard's presence is still considered vital in his team.

New signing Jose Enrique sorts, Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing will not be able to replace the charisma of a Stevie G at Anfield.

"He did not play in many games from January because of penalties and injuries. One thing about Gerrard, if he is on around the club and the squad, fit and can play, it will be half the strength of the squad, "said Dalglish.

In the game last night, Gerrard only Dalglish played for 15 minutes. The manager still does not want Gerrard too forced to play after the injury. (sj)
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16 European Bank Recapitalization Accelerated

Countries in Europe plans to accelerate the recapitalization of 16 banks are expected to fall according to the results of stress tests conducted by a team from the European Union. Efforts were also part of the coordination in order to force banks in 27 EU member states.

A senior French official told the Financial Times said shareholders of 16 banks were ordered to immediately increase the company's capital.

Bank recapitalization effort is expected to hit the medium-sized banks in the EU. A total of seven banks in Spain, while Germany, Greece, and Portugal each of the two banks, and the remainder from a bank in Italy, Cyprus, and Slovenia.

In the list of 16 banks that will be exposed to recapitalize including HSH Nordbank of Germany, and Banco Popolare of Italy.

Meanwhile, 14 other European banks are Espirito Santo and Banco Portugues of Portugal, Piraeus Bank and Hellenic Postbank from Greece, as well as Banco Popular, Bankinter, Caixa Galicia, BFA-Bankia, Banco Civica, Caixa Ontinyent, and Banco de Sabadell of Spain.

In addition, the Nova Ljubljanska Banka from Slovenia, Cyprus's Marfin Popular Bank of Cyprus, and Norddeutsche Landesbank of Germany.

Head of the European Union's Internal Market Commission or the EU Internal Market Commissioner, Michael Barner, assessing the nearly 16 banks failed in the stress test and was sentenced to be vulnerable and should be strengthened in the future.

"We want this bank recapitalization efforts undertaken by the private sector. Era injection of funds (bailout) for banks to be terminated. Although I can not deny, there is the possibility of the banks that need government assistance," he said.

When the Authority or the European Banking European Banking Authority (EBA) to test the scenario of economic threats against 91 banks, nine banks had failed and ordered to increase their capital until the end of December 2011.

A total of 16 banks who were in the spotlight of the European Union has a tier-one capital ratio of about 5-6 percent. This ratio indicates the strength of corporate finance. EBA has given the company until April 2012 for companies to implement a plan to raise their capital reserves.

For information, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) some time ago had suggested that immediate efforts to recapitalize European banks in an effort to prevent the spread of debt crisis that hit Greece. (Art)
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Beyonce Knowles Want to Form Boy Band

Pregnancy was unable to inhibit Beyonce Knowles to continue working. When launching homemade perfume and her mother in New York, wife of Jay-Z revealed that he will make a boy band.

"I started my label business. I want to make a boy band," Beyonce said during an interview with The Associated Press. "I want to continue producing and making documentary films and music videos. Then I want to direct other artists. Once I knew that I had the ability and I believe it, I can do for other artists."

Chanter single "Run the World (Girls)" was admitted inspired from colleagues seprofesinya that many established business empire. Including forming a boy band.

"I see so many male artists to build a business empire and share their knowledge to other musicians and develop," added the singer that had spawned four albums it. "I see myself doing the same thing and hopefully other young artists when they grow up and they had spent 15-20 years, they can do the same thing."
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Yoon Eun Hye Section Shown in Dazed Magazine October 2011 Edition

Recent photos of Yoon Eun Hye in the latest issue of fashion magazine Dazed & Confused can make men's hearts pounding. Because the actress series "Coffee Prince" was performed with enough dressing sexy lingerie and show her beauty.

When shooting, Eun Hye using output Calvin Klein lingerie. Shooting itself was carried out at hotels Mansfield, New York. According to one of the staff, the beautiful actress looked so excited during the shooting took place. Though this is his first photo shoot in her lingerie.

Cash pictures were immediately received praise from the netter. They praised Eun Hye can look up this time.

"My heart was pounding to see it," commented a man netter. "Photos like this is more sexy than nude photos," said another netter.

Eun Hye has just completed filming his latest series, "Lie to Me" (2011). While waiting for new work, for now Eun Hye is still a focus on advertising and model.

Eun Hye is one of the actresses teen idol in South Korea. Her name jumped after role as Shin Chae-Kyeoung in the series "Princess Hours" (2006).
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Linkin Park Shake Jakarta

Written By JSap on Kamis, 22 September 2011 | 23.55

JAKARTA, - Linkin Park, nu metal group from California, United States, shaking thousands of fans with a concert at the Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/09/2011) night.

The concert is a series of A Thousand Suns World Tour 2011.

Linkin Park personnel arrived in Jakarta on Wednesday evening, having previously held a concert in Taiwan.

From Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, they headed straight to the Bung Karno Stadium.

Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, one of the personnel, in an interview before the performance, was delighted to back concert in Jakarta, after the year 2004.

Although this single concert started at 20:30, but more than 10,000 fans are satisfied by the appearance of Linkin Park Chester Benington and his friends who brought the numbers of hits, like "Crawling", "In The End", and "Numb".

After the concert in Jakarta, Linkin Park personnel to fly to Bangkok, Thailand. (Iwan Setyawan)
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