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Written By Reva on Senin, 05 September 2011 | 06.14

ads 78news Standing on 24 August 2011 that want to provide information to the world community. With a mission of spreading the word throughout the world and provide a summary of information obtained from a variety of media information in the local and international.
78news also begin showing channels or canals on the front page KOMPAS.com. Canals are designed in accordance with the theme of the news and making news every grouping has character. These canals are:

Contains information about the news in the country: crime, politics, social inequality

Accurate place to find news updates about national and international sports

About the News International which contains the current hot

Reviewing the latest gadgets on the market, featuring product reviews and a variety of technology news.

Presenting celebrity news, movie reviews, music and entertainment at home and abroad.

Featuring news about the food crisis, raw materials, production, other companies and other

Contains the complete directory of national and international history of cultural development

Provide information about traffic,

Memberikas about information about the discovery of new discoveries and the development of science

Contains tips and articles on health, the latest medical information, health information and interactive features.\

Hopefully with this 78news can ease the reader in search of news via the internet and hopefully in the founding of this weblog may memperkokohkan existing network of journalists around the world. thank you for your attention and if there are suggestions and criticisms we ask you to send HERE and we will promptly reply to your message and we will improve our weblog. thanks
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