Kim Kardashian Produser "Reality Show" Pussy Cat Dolls

Written By JSap on Minggu, 18 September 2011 | 13.33

LONDON, who is also a role model Kim Kardashian, it was later reportedly busy behind the scenes with the latest reality show produced a vocal group of U.S. origin Pussy Cat Dolls (PCD). Kardashian who sits as executive producer will work closely with Nigel Lythgoe Nigel Lythgoe under the banner of Production.

So far, they've been doing a special communication will project a reality show to the second forming PCD, Robin Antin and Dr.. Laura Berman. Although impressed with the work on one project and Berman Antin, is guaranteed meyuguhkan reality show singing and dancing that claimed 10 times better than the original appearance of PCD group.

With the projects offered it, Kardashian admitted are excited to work with because he believes Lythgoe. "She's the best in the business," said Kardashian.

Working closely with the PCD is not the first time ever for a Kardashian. In a few years ago, Kardashian never enjoyed his appearance with the group that had once filled Nicole Scherzinger.
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