Codex From Toba OR Poda ni Batak Pustaha the Aji Mamis Ma Inon

Written By Reva on Senin, 29 Agustus 2011 | 04.15

Pustaha Batak Poda ni si Aji Mamis Ma Inon

Origin Region / City: Toba
Province: North Sumatera
Description: This ancient manuscript made ​​from bark inscribed with dimensions 14.2 x 12.5 cm 39 pages and a complete manuscript can be downloaded at:
Contents: Poda ni aji mamis ma inon the Directive is to destroy the enemy (Poda ni aji the mamis) used in time of war (in the ancient Batak language of war is always referred to as bisara na Godang - "customary noble"). It is said that this pustaha Habinsaran Hata Guru preached from Silaga ni Aji-fight that is said so nung na na Talu in bisara Godang - who never lost a war. As can be seen from the language and script used this script can be ascertained from the Toba.

Place today: the Museum of Anthropology Ubersee-Museum in Bremen, Germany.
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