Bosscha:Idul Fitri On August 31

Written By Reva on Senin, 29 Agustus 2011 | 05.45

Research Center for the Moon and Stars Obserrvatorium Bosscha, Bandung, West Java, to determine 1 Syawal falls on Wednesday (31 / 8) future. Determination was based on the sighting of the moon in science that will appear Tuesday (30 / 8) future.

Met in Bandung on Sunday (28 / 8) afternoon, Coordinator of Network Technician Observation Mission of the National Hilal Deva Octavian said 15 observation points will be difficult to determine the new moon seen throughout Indonesia. It was based on high-months when the sun goes down less than two degrees. Sementata, month-old is still young which is positioned close to eight hours of sun, so the new moon on August 29 is not visible.

Deva confirmed the new moon will be seen on Tuesday afternoon. So that 1 Syawal falls on Wednesday (31 / 8). He also added it had spread to 35 personnel menawasi 15 point hilal throughout Indonesia. Observations of the 15 points that will be filed in court this afternoon isbat .(metrotv)
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