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Rather than struggling desperately to avoid these foods to prevent obesity, you better make peace with him. By choosing the right type of carbohydrates, you can still fill, increase energy, to burn calories. You just have to follow four basic rules in order to continue to enjoy carbohydrates, and make the body stay slim.
Choose the right type of carbohydrates First of all, you need to select the right type of carbohydrate in order to maintain weight. In this case, you need to select the type of carbohydrate Resistant Starch (RS), which contain soluble fiber. Unlike other carbohydrates are digested quickly, or at least digested more slowly (as in 
brown rice), RS can directly enter the small 
intestine undigested altogether.
RS can be found in whole grain products (oats, cereal, wheat bread, brown rice, and wheat pasta), beans, and fruit like bananas really immature. Cooking and let the carb to cool before consumption, can also increase the content of RS was up 5 percent, such as white rice, sushi rice, pasta salad, potato salad or boiled.
Balance your plate Who can enjoy penyet beef rib or eggplant mixture Balado, tuna and corn cakes without rice? If you can not eat without rice, it is okay to enjoy rice with toppings-pauknya. The requirement is only to balance the composition on your plate. Rice should only occupy one-quarter of your plate. While three-quarters of the rest can be filled with foods that can help you lose weight, such as lean meats, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, nuts, and fish, fisheries that contain healthy fats, and fruits.
Reduce portions Connecting the concept of the composition of the plate above, you can still eat rice or other carbohydrates at each meal. However, you should reduce the portions. For example, if on the day you need to eat a little more, then you should only eat a little rice in the morning and evening. Reduce meat portions too. Do not like brown rice? It may anyway, still eating white rice. The key is only to reduce its portion only, really.
Do not block yourself You like to eat chocolate cake, donuts, or potato chips? No need to antagonize all of these foods altogether. Because, if you prevent yourself from your favorite foods, eventually you will just crave the food, even in greater numbers. You can still eat them, but only to satisfy curiosity, not to make your stomach full. Then a piece of donut with a little sprinkling of powdered sugar anyway, okay. Remember that these foods, including potato chips, which contain high calories. Not to mention the other raw materials on the cake which can raise cholesterol levels.
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