Premium Imports Break Record

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Premium Imports Break Record
Pertamina imports increase fuel oil (fuel) Premium (gasoline) consumption soared as high during the current Eid. Unmitigated, Pertamina imports in August was also shot to its highest level in history.

Pertamina said the total imports during August to 9 million barrels (1 barrel = 0.16 kl).

"This is the highest in the history of Pertamina imports, usually 5.5 million barrels, or 6 million barrels were already high," said Vice President of Corporate Communications Pertamina, Mochammad Aaron, told reporters in Jakarta on Friday (08/26/2011).

While the total volume of national production per month on average about 12 million barrels.

According to Aaron, Pertamina to import gasoline from the Singapore market in order to maintain the current stock of fuel for homecoming and this year's Lebaran backflow. You see, the consumption of premium continues to rise, while the last 15 years no new refineries built in Indonesia.

"Consumption in the country continues to explode without any attempt to brake, so consequently imports become increasingly high," he explained.

As of Thursday (25 / 8), Pertamina has channeled an additional premium to the depots of gas stations in the path back and forth. "Nationally, we've been delivering for some of the main depot is 14 percent above average," he said.

In normal times, the average consumption reached 62,000 kiloliters premium. But this time, Aaron says, the average national consumption has gone up 10,000 kl to 72,000 kl.

It is estimated that, during peak flows forth later or at H-3, consumption of premium reached 98 000 kl. It will also record the highest consumption of premium.

Members of the Committee of Oil and Gas BPH Adi Subagio assess oil and gas imports are inevitably soar.

"Lately needs keep rising, while national production is constant," he said. According to him, the cause of this problem is a bigger difference in premium price. Plus, an increasing number of cars.

He also highlighted the additional costs incurred by Pertamina's imports surge. You see, the imports from Singapore are mostly 88-octane gasoline. Thus, Pertamina must process it used to be 91 or 92 octane gasoline. "We actually lost because of this there is an additional cost," he explained. (*)
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