Cuba's defense minister dies

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Cuba's defense minister dies
Havana - Gen. Julio Casas Reguerio, Cuba's defense minister and long time aide of President Raul Castro, died Saturday of heart failure at age 75 years, said the Cuban government.

The Cuban government announced Monday a national day of mourning for its former bank accountant who grew up to be one of those people who are very influential in the country. Casas, based on national arrangements, replaced by his first deputy, Gen. Leopoldo Frias Cita.

Her death raises again the issue of leadership of Cuba and the lack of substitutes. Raus President Castro's 80 years old and first vice president, Juan Machado Ventura, 81 years old.

Casas had fought side by side with Raul Castro in the Cuban revolution in 1959, later became his right hand when Castro served as secretary of defense under the elder brother, Fidel Castro, for the past 49 years.

When Raul Castro replaced his brother as president in February 2008, he was appointed as defense minister Casas.

Casas worked as an accountant at a bank in the city of Santiago de Cuba when in 1957 he left his job to join the revolution being moncer against Fulgencio Batista dictatorship.

In the end, he helped make the company run the military to be one of several of the largest in the country and includes just about any field of tourism to retail stores.

Casas worked for years in the political bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba, the government made important decisions, and also vice president of the State Council.

"He is known for his loyalty to the party, the people, the revolution, and the leader Raul Castro," a statement said. "He has given several donations to strengthen defense (Cuba)," the statement said.

Reguerio Casas, who had studied in the Soviet elite military institutions, and served in the politburo of the Communist Party of Cuba since 1991, also is one of five vice-presidents of Cuba.

Memorial to Defense Minister was held on Saturday in Havana. Ashes will then be sent to a funeral in Sirra Maestra mountain range in eastern Cuba to the ceremony with military honors, officials said. (AFP)
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