Emma Watson: Natural Beauty

Written By JSap on Kamis, 22 September 2011 | 23.38

LOS ANGELES, KOMPAS.com - One of the actors in the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson (21), very fond of a variety of beauty products. He admired the equipment make up that could change the face of someone from the original form.
All reflected from the face, how to behave, it also brings self-

Unfortunately, the star who plays Hermione Granger character is actually not suitable to use excessive makeup. Therefore, he avoids excessive use of makeup. "I prefer to look natural," he said.
According to the actress who played in the film The Tale of Despereaux (2008), the make-up is too much does not guarantee a person's beauty. "Funnily enough, I love the makeup products. So I have a lot of makeup equipment, but just wear a little, "said Emma.

However, the beauty of women reflected from within. Someone can look very beautiful when in her heart she felt beautiful. "All is reflected from the face, how to behave, carry themselves well," he said earnestly.
Then, Emma, ​​who began his career acting in films Knowing Me, Knowing Yule gives other tips for women to look beautiful. To Britain's Hello magazine!, He warned, do not pull out lashes too often. "One more, clean the makeup before going to bed," said Emma. (BEE)
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