Roma Threatened "Disperse"

Written By Reva on Minggu, 04 September 2011 | 02.45

ROME- AS Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini, bluntly dismantling his club disgrace. He said there were three camps clashed in Rome today, the coach Luis Enrique, director Franco Baldini, and captain Francesco Totti.

"I am very, very worried, and I think it's time we faced a triangle feud between Baldini, Totti, and Luis Enrique. It has reached the level of stasis and I know when the aircraft engine (Rome) will die and fall from the sky."

"I feel there is a danger of this problem and we had to get it over with. If we do not get out of this problem, then there will be no football team, because we'll be too busy with other things," said Sabantini.

According to reports in Italy, Totti and Baldini is currently an assistant Fabio Capello in the England team, has long had a personal problem. The situation is getting hot because Enrique is often membangkucadangkan Totti in the pre-season.

"Baldini contacted me in December and said that he was ready to join new projects in Rome. However, he never mentioned any problems between him and Totti. It is unreasonable to think there is a conspiracy of Luis Enrique and Baldini to kick Totti out of this club. "

Sabatini then appreciate the step Totti who has now started to improve its relations with Enrique. "I know he has a big sacrifice by accepting the decision can not be played. However, a captain should not allow people to rebel, when he dikhinati coach with the left on the bench."

"I will not sit passively and watch it all destroyed. I will not listen to the band keep playing while the Titanic (Rome) to sink. This will be a big problem for Rome. I would like Totti out and talk about it. It just makes everything quiet worse, "said Sabatini.

"The fact that Totti and Baldini did not speak, I think it's a matter of pride. I'm sure they'll explain the problem in the end," said Sabatini.
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