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In every vacation trip, especially when traveling in a long time, certainly many of the goods taken during a vacation. In order for a suitcase or bag does not exceed capacity, there's nothing wrong sort through and prioritize what is important stuff to carry.

After packing, suitcases or bags you sometimes look bigger and bloated, but already minimize luggage. This usually happens because one doing the packing, ie the position when putting your luggage. Therefore, you should follow some practical packing tips below.

First, at the time of putting clothes in the suitcase or bag, roll the clothes first. As well as saving space, rolled-up clothes can also reduce the tangles in your clothes. To dress shirt made from a lightweight and thin, can roll up as many as two or three pieces at once.

Second, put the items most heavily at the bottom of a suitcase or bag so that the load is not too heavy and time taken to become more balanced. Then followed by other items. Keep in mind, to bring the goods that are vulnerable, such as laptops or cameras, get used to enter first into the soft case is safe. After that, then put in a suitcase or bag.

Third, if you carry your personal equipment, such as shampoo, soap, towels, toothpaste, etc., make sure the equipment is small. As well as saving the use, of course, can save space of your suitcase or bag.

Fourth, provide plastic bags for storing dirty clothes in order to separate from your clean clothes. Especially if you choose a vacation on the coast, there would be wet and dirty clothes. Therefore, always provide spare plastic bags.

Fifth, separate the items you always need such as a passport into the wallet or other small bag so it will be easily retrieved when needed and not have to unload bags containing clothes and other goods. Your vacation time was not consumed by things that are not important.

Sixth, if you carry shoes, replace a shoe box with the way these shoes with plastic wrap to save space. When carrying a pillow, bring a lightweight inflatable pillow and practical. Make sure when to go and came home on vacation, use a heavy load of clothing, like jackets and pants made of jeans, so it helps to ease the burden of your luggage while traveling.
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