3Mbps Internet Rates 335.000 Indonesia Rupiah per month

Written By Reva on Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011 | 12.24

Technological developments and the digital lifestyle of modern society could not be separated from a reliable Internet access, high speed and without a break. Unfortunately, today consumers are still faced with slow Internet access and is unable to meet the needs.

To overcome this problem, First Media, a provider of pay television service and broadband communications networks in Indonesia, increasing the speed of Internet access they offer.

Internet service providers that improve the access speed of up to three packages of their Fastnet doubled. FastNet Express service previously provided by the speed of 2Mbps, now up to 3 Mbps. FastNet Premium from 3Mbps up so 6Mbps.

Fastnet Services Professional, from now rose to 12Mbps 6Mbps. The speed for the Family package Fastnet Fastnet Ultimate 1Mbps and 20Mbps fixed. In terms of tariff rates, the same applied to the facility. For example, Express FastNet service charge remains Rp335.000 per month, and users are expected to begin enjoying it by the end of August.

"High-speed technology has become a necessity for internet users. The need for information and entertainment in the home of the highest order and is different for each family member, makes Internet access with unlimited speed is not fashionable, "said Dicky Moechtar, Sales Director, First Media, August 27, 2011.

According to Dicky, the ideal speed Internet access to meet the demands of today's digital lifestyle is at least 3Mbps, where consumers can enjoy uploading and downloading, streaming video and music without the annoying buffering.

"The trend of at least 3Mbps speed has become a lifestyle to enjoy the new digital world in a comfortable and seamless. Increased speed Internet access is to answer the new trend, "said Dicky.

Step increase in bandwidth capacity for customers at once to answer the needs of the business world who need broadband access to more reliable so that it can support productivity and increase the average speed Internet access in Indonesia.

As an illustration, based on the data speed of the Internet world as of March 2011, from about 200 countries and regions, Indonesia was in 146th position in the category of speed of access, especially the download. Speed ​​Internet access in Indonesia the average is only 1.34 Mbps, well below South Korea (33Mbps), Japan (16.33 Mbps), and Singapore (17.62 Mbps).

"To keep pace with the rapid use of Internet among the public, Internet access providers need to continuously improve its service so that Indonesia is parallel with the other countries in the world, in terms of speed internet access," said Dicky.VIVAnews.com
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