Bali cultural decline

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Bali-Denpasar - Gunarsa, one of the maestro of Balinese painting, argues that the Balinese people are slowly beginning to decline cultures could be seen from the concept of architectural development.

"It is evident that many appear to ignore the minimalist building of Balinese architecture," he said in Denpasar, on Saturday.

Informal discussion on the evaluation of the leadership of Governor of Bali, Mangku Pastika, and Deputy Governor of Bali, AA Puspayoga, he said, in addition to ignoring the architecture of Bali in home building, also on building places of worship (temples) a shift in culture.

"Many of the temple renovation or renovated, but eliminating the indigenous materials that have historical value for hundreds of years, like bricks and rocks," he said.

In fact, he considered, things are even worse when rehab temple, old material was discarded and replaced with new material, thus eliminating the historical value, it means forgetting the meaning of hard work and spiritual as his ancestors built the building.

"Imagine the majestic buildings kori a centuries-old temple demolished totally replaced with a black stone, even the newly carved ornaments not clear," said Gunarsa.

According to him, in renovating a building it is a good step to preserve existing ones.

"It does not mean the action as it is now a jor-rod and just because a fund to restore, all totally dismantled," said the man from the village of Banda, Klungkung regency, that.

But, he argues, things to think about the community into the future is how the effort to preserve ancient buildings to rehabilitate it in a way that is considered defective because of age.

"If this can be done, that was a preserve the sanctity of the temple. Not to totally restore and replace with new material means to preserve," he said.

In addition, he said, the ornaments on the building that stands now shifted away from Bali's architecture.

"Just look at the modern buildings there is very little touch of Balinese architecture. This over time will drown our own culture. Because there was no longer adherent to preserve," he added. (*)

Bali cultural decline
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