British bomb bunker Gaddafi in Sirte

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smoke due to the fighting troops and British soldiers gadafi
Tripoli (AFP) - British warplanes bombed a bunker in Muammar Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte was the rebels preparing to attack the city, one of the critical regime of the last hideouts in the east of Tripoli.

When the leaders of the rebel move in Tripoli to launch a political transition, the African Union called on Friday for the process is "inclusive", while the UN human rights chief warns against murder Gaddafi, whose existence is unknown and whose head is valued 1.7 million dollars, AFP reported .

In the field, the rebels claim military success by conquering new Friday Jdir Ras, an outpost on the border with Tunisia, who feared would be used to escape Gaddafi of Libya.

A Tunisian government official said Gaddafi loyalists fled when more than 100 rebels arrived in Ras Jdir and flag raising.

A representative of the National Transition Council (NTC) rebels said on television Tunisia from Ras Jdir that four fighters pro-Gaddafi gave up.

In the field of Sirte, "the formation of Tornado GR4 menebakkan barrage of precision-guided missile Storm Shadow in a bunker headquarters at Gaddafi's hometown" on Thursday night, the British defense ministry said.

Speculation that Gaddafi may have found refuge in a city, located 360 kilometers east of Tripoli, has not been confirmed.

NATO said on Friday that its planes had destroyed 29 military vehicles and "command and control point" near Sirte as they advanced toward the rebel-held port Misrata, about 140 kilometers away.

Regime troops in Sirte been regularly targeted since the beginning of the war, an official said, but is now "one of the places under its control (Gaddafi)."

"The city has long been a stronghold of the regime and remnants of the regime are now using it to launch an attack," the official said.

"They are the remnants of the regime that is desperate and dangerous and they are obviously very desperate to try to mess with the fact that the Libyans have begun to take responsibility for his own country."

On Thursday, the NTC figure move a lot of Benghazi porch of their base to the capital, just days after the rebel fighters stormed the headquarters of Tripoli and the control of Gaddafi.

Ali Tarhuni NTC officials said their leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, will come as soon as the security situation permits.

Abdel Nagib Mlegta, chief operating officer of the takeover of the capital, said his fighters are now in charge of 95 percent of Tripoli, only a few pockets of resistance remained.

They hope to fully master and capture Tripoli Gaddafi in 72 hours.

Mlegta suspect that troops loyal to Gaddafi killed more than 150 prisoners with a grenade in a "mass murder" when they fled from a rebel takeover.

However, Amnesty International said on Friday that both sides guilty of violations.

United Nations, African Union, Arab League and the European Union urged all parties in Libya to avoid retaliation, said EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton after talks with the so-called Group of Cairo.

"Colonel Gaddafi must avoid further bloodshed by surrendering power and called for troops who continue to fight to lay down arms and protect civilians," he said.

He added: "Today, under UN leadership, we agreed to call upon all parties to respect international humanitarian kuajiban and international human rights.

There should be no revenge. "

Ashton said after a video conference that the group of Cairo, which include the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, "emphasizes that the transition in Libya should be led by Libya and inclusive."

Chairman of the UN Ban Ki-moon said after the talks, which diketuainya, that international police forces may need to be sent to Libya a "flooded" light weapons.

In Geneva, UN human rights chief warned of a bounty hunter who could be trying to kill Gaddafi, said the killings "are not included in the rule of law."

"That applies to Gaddafi as well as everyone else," said spokesman Rupert Colville when responding to questions about the reward for Gaddafi, alive or dead.

Colville said the "best solution" is to capture the Gaddafi alive and completed the arrest warrant based on the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged crimes against humanity.

The rebels want to find Gaddafi so that they can proclaim the ultimate triumph of the rebellion that began six months ago and almost suppressed government forces before NATO warplanes provide crucial air support.

African Union refused Friday to recognize the NTC and instead called for the establishment of all-inclusive transitional government.

South African President Jacob Zuma said after a meeting of AU Peace and Security Council in Addis Ababa that the rebels have not been valid.

Dengah the continuing fighting in a conflict that is said chairman of the NTC has killed more than 20,000 people, the horror of the situation was appointed at a hospital in Tripoli.

Eighty rotting corpses lying everywhere, it seems that patients who die because of lack of due care the doctors have fled for fear of snipers pro-Gaddafi in the neighborhood.

Only 17 survived and were evacuated Friday by the Red Cross.

No matter how the rebels attempt to consolidate their political achievements, they are still in desperate need of funding.

The second person NTC Jibril Mahmud said in Istanbul Friday essential that the West melt all Libyan assets frozen after the successful establishment of a new government after the Gaddafi regime.

Warned about "high expectations" from the new rulers, he said in a press conference: "Salaries of civil servants needs to be paid. Life has to continue to run normally."

On Thursday, the senior diplomat Contact Group Libya agreed to accelerate the melting of frozen Libyan assets of approximately $ 2.5 billion before the middle of next week.

At the same time, the UN Security Council disbursed 1.5 billion dollars in assets seized for use as emergency relief. "The money will arrive within a few days," said a U.S. diplomat.

Egyptian news agency MENA said Gabriel arrived Friday in Cairo ahead of a special meeting of the Arab League who will oversee the takeover of Libya by the NTC chair of the Gaddafi regime, which was postponed in February after the conflict broke out. (ANTARA.COM)
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