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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The political elite are asked to stop disturbing the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono, especially if you intend to overthrow the government in the middle of the road.

"How the government can be effective if every leader who rises were harassed," said Chairman of the Union of Islamic Student Association (Hima Persis) Mohammad Reza Anshori here on Friday.

Similar stated Chairman Islamic Youth Movement (GPI) Rahmat Kardi.

Rahmat said that since the reform was virtually no president who can take care of government.

"Pascareformasi almost no stability. Yet the process of development not possible without the stability of the road," he said.

Therefore, GPI with Hima Persis and Pancasila Students issued a joint statement calling on political elites and leaders in order to stop doing the actions that seem to make Indonesia as a guinea pig of democracy that only benefit their own group, but the expense of the people and country.

"We call on the handful of leaders and political elites to restrain lust is not directed, to create national instability," said Rahmat.

He said the survey results did show the government's performance is not maximized, but the same survey showed public confidence in the SBY-Boediono still there.

"Until now, SBY-Boediono still won the trust of the people of Indonesia," said Rahmat.

Therefore, he continued, if the elites and leaders have concern for the people and state, then the government should jointly continue to engage in a dialogue to create a conducive situation, rather than actually creating instability.

"We're with the people of Indonesia still maintains leadership SBY-Boediono until the end of his term in 2014," said Rahmat.
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