Difficult Your Drinking Water? this Tips

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Difficult Your Drinking Water this Tips
NOT negotiable, so the body needs water. If not, then the body will become dehydrated or hydrated. Generally, everyone needs eight glasses or two liters of water per day.

If you imagine, you only need to drink 500 ml bottles as much as four times. Although a bit, you may include people who consume the water hard. Well, the following tips to meet the daily needs of your water more easily:

1. Adjust weight
The average water demand is eight glasses. But there is an argument that the amount of water needs depend on weight. How to calculate, for your weight (in kilo grams) with number 30. Suppose you weight 50 kg, which means you need 1.6 liters of water per day.

2. Disposable containers must be sized
After learning the needs of your water, use glass or clear drinking places its size. Places to drink with a volume of 400 ml, for example, means you have to drink five times a day with the glass filled. Or, provide a two-liter jug, and must be discharged in a day.

3. Apply schedule
Busyness often makes you forget to drink water, so just specify the schedule that you do not forget again. To five times the drink, for example, apply one cup in the morning, then at 10.00, 14.00, and at bedtime.

4. drinks taste
Not everyone likes to drink water that tastes fresh. If you belong to one of them, try to give a little flavor to your water (actually just a little), such as lemon, honey, or sugar.

5. Bring a water bottle everywhere
To never forget and always remember to drink water, take water bottles that are practical and not easily spilled. Whenever there is a chance to recharge the bottle, fill it with clean water and healthy. While waiting for a friend or sit still, you can sip water to nourish the body. (kpl /***)
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