When Attacked Jealous

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When Attacked Jealous
You may never felt jealous of the couple. No need to hesitate to admit it. They say, jealousy is part of love.

Jealousy arises because a person's emotions are fear of losing the person he loved. However, there was a feeling level. Jealousy stems from a sense of fear which then increases.

But, really jealous men and women are equal? Apparently not.

Jealousy in women
Jealous of the women came from suspicion or fear that playing in mind. Concerns arose slowly and eventually become frequent. Comes the questions like "Does he really love me?", "Is there no other woman in his heart?", Or "What if there was another woman who is more beautiful?"

Not all women respond the same jealous. Nobody can control it by thinking positively. There also undermines the pairs so the couple felt depressed and not free.

Jealousy in men
While the man who was stricken with jealousy did not think her partner will be blurred. He is more jealous when their partner attitude change and not as warm as usual.

Here, men can turn more sensitive than women. And her confidence tends to disappear when you feel that the attitude of partner change. In fact, in extreme moments, he would think loss of a spouse.

So, Which is better. Jealousy in men or women?
There's nothing better. Two forms of jealousy is when the excess will be equally damaging relationships or even can lead to both material and life losses.

Still remember, criminal cases are started from jealousy and ends with the death?

Because of that, when feeling jealous is better we keep thinking positive. Do not let emotions explode explosive so that left only regret in the end. (MPA / RRN)
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