Gaza rockets hit southern Israel

Written By Reva on Senin, 29 Agustus 2011 | 00.56

Gaza rockets hit southern Israel
JERUSALEM (Reuters / AFP) - A rocket fired by Gaza militants hit southern Israel on Sunday, as all four projectiles that were fired across the border since the truce was signed two days earlier, Israeli officials said.

The rocket landed near Khatzerim, a village in the southwestern desert city of Beersheva, said a police spokesman.

A military spokesman said it was the fourth shooting incident since a ceasefire came into force at the 01:00 am (2200 GMT) on Friday morning.

"The rocket hit an empty area without causing injury or damage," he added.

Latest ceasefire was imposed after a week of violence occurred in and around Gaza that killed 26 Palestinians and one Israeli.

A previous ceasefire announced on Sunday ended less than 48 hours.

The fighting erupted after a series of deadly attacks, shooting attacks on a desert road in the northern Red Sea resort city of Eilat, which killed eight people blame Israel and the Tel Aviv-based Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza. (ANT / H-AK)
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