The Government of the Republic of Indonesia Ready to Ensure Welfare of Fishermen

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The Government of the Republic of Indonesia Ready to Ensure Welfare of Fishermen
Efforts to improve incomes and welfare of the fishermen have never stopped by the Government through a variety of policy innovation. Return, the government issued Presidential Decree No.10/2011 on the Team Coordination Improvement and Expansion Program Pro-people as part of the fourth cluster, which was launched the Government some time ago. Face to face and monitor the development of fishing, today (26 / 8) President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono accompanied by Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Fadel Muhammad activities Fisherman Sapa, located at Fishery Port, Coast (PPP) Tegal Sari, Tegal, Java middle.

Increased Life of Fishermen some part of the Pro-People Program has 8 (eight) strategies, namely: the creation of very inexpensive home, business diversification, development of SME-KUR scheme, the development of PBN, the construction of cold storage, low-cost public transportation facilities, schools and clinics, and people's bank facilities. "This program will be implemented in poverty pockets of fishermen, based on 816 Harbor Coastal Fisheries (PPP) and the Port of Landing Fish (PPI). For the year 2011 will be held at 100 PPI and 400 PPI in 2012," says Fadel.

In the Decree, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries was appointed as chairman of the working group to coordinate the ministries / agencies in order to realize this program. This step is a real form of government to boost the economy of coastal communities most of whom work as fishermen. In the decree, the Government will intervene directly to improve the lives of fishermen based on the PPI.

Intervention programs directly to the fishermen will be done through three objectives, namely individual fishermen, fishing groups and infrastructure PPI. Intervention activities directly to individual fishermen will be melalaui titling land rights of fishermen, protection / insurance assistance fishermen and cold chain equipment. As for the fishermen will be provided through the assistance of the fishing vessel, direct assistance through the Rural Business Development Mina (PUMP) fishing and processing and provision of assistance to the group. Development of infrastructure facilities PPI will be done through a mini cold storage construction, construction of Solar Packed Dealer Fisherman (SPDN) and insulated vehicle wheel.

The program is targeted to alleviate poverty that most of the coastal communities to work as fishermen and spread over 10,640 villages, and as much as 25.14 percent or 7.87 million people are poor. In realizing this target, at least the CTF has allocated a budget of Rp 127.823 billion in 2011, in addition to continuing to pursue the utilization of this year's savings fund of Rp 817 billion. For 2012, the CTF has been allocated a budget of Rp 1.17 trillion to increase the life of fishermen. In addition, several ministries have expressed their support in 2012, such as the Ministry of Housing will also be supported through the construction of 16,933 housing units are very inexpensive for the fishermen, the Ministry of Energy will conduct the installation of low-cost electricity for 16,933 homes of fishermen, and the Ministry of Public Works will construct water facilities PPI net at 205 locations.

For more information please contact ketertangan Dr. Yulistyo Mudho, M. Sc, Head of Data Center for Statistics and Information, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (HP. 0811836967)


1. PPP Tegal Sari is situated on the North Coast of Java, Tegal, Central Java Province, with a land area of ​​162,991 m2 and 196,000 m2 of area waters.

2. Tegal Sari PPP facilities include three types, namely: (a) The principal facility covers an area of ​​inland ports, docks, jetties, breakwaters, harbor pools, lanes, retaining wall, preventing the ship collision, mooring places and roads, (b) facilities functional includes fish auction, ice factories, warehouses ice, generators, home generators, fuel tanks, net repair, warehouse equipment, cold storage, and sewage treatment plants, (c) support facilities include fishing hall, mess hall employees, the gatehouse and MCK.

3. Fleet of fishing boats in the PPP Tegal Sari include (a) 50-10 GT-sized ships in 49 units, (b) 10-20 GT sized vessels as much as 403 units, (c) 30-50 GT sized vessels up to 20 units.

4. This type of fishing gear are available at Tegal Sari PPP include (a) stupid, basic and cantrang Lampara 363 units, (b) seine ring as much as 25 units, (c) gill nets as much as 84 units, and (d) traps, etc. as many as 21 units .

5. Production of fishery products in January to May 2011 as many as 20 470 tons with a production value of Rp, -.

6. The number of fishermen in Tegal Sari PPP as much as 5676 people, and employment in the harbor as many as 4774 people. ANTARA
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