Perpetrators of piracy Railway Gajayana Marines

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Perpetrators of piracy Railway Gajayana Marines
Jakarta - One of the perpetrators of "hijacking" the executive train Gajayana Malang-Jakarta goal is a Navy soldier and now have been secured in Pomal Lantamal II Jakarta.

Navy spokesman First Admiral TNI Fortunately, when confirmed Surapati ANTARA here on Saturday revealed that the perpetrators named Sertu Darso.

"He served daily at the Defense Battalion Marines Base, Lantamal III," he added.

Based on the information gathered, Darso along with four other civilians "hijack" KA Cikampek Gajayana when crossing stations.

They forced the driver to divert train route to the station Monday than it should be the end goal Gambir Station.

KA Malang-Jakarta Gajayana goals after going through Cikampek should route Jakarta-Gambir-Jatinegara, but by Darso and his partner, forced the train to traverse the route Cikampek-Bekasi-Jatinegara-Monday.

Of action Darso threatened severe punishment. "Weighing what will be adapted to the crimes committed in question," said Lucky.

Darso piracy action and his friends had led to the shooting each other with security forces stationed in Senen Station, the Police.

The situation in Senen Station is now re-enabling even the Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo also had time off Semarang travelers destination.(ANTARA News)
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