Iceland Scientists discover new ocean current

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Iceland Scientists discover new ocean current
Stockholm - A total of two Icelandic scientists have discovered two deep ocean currents that flow along the Europe-Asia continental shelf off the coast of northern Iceland, according to reports from Reykjavik on Thursday (25 / 8).

"These findings may rewrite the theory of climate change and global warming has attracted international attention," said a report Iceland Review, Friday.

The stream, known as the North Iceland Jet, first studied and described by two experts in the Icelandic Marine Research Institute - Steingrimur Hedinn Jonsson and Valdimarsson, media said Iceland, Frettabladid.

Jonsson explained that there were salt-heat circulation in the ocean, moving like a belt cover. Warm sea water flows into the north, where the water cools and sinks. Then, in the form of ocean currents and flows back south along the ocean floor until it eventually flows back up to the surface and warms up again.

Circulation is to some extent controlled by the world's climate and the theory is that if the belt is weakened introductory ocean, the climate will be cooler in the northern hemisphere, the report said.

However, according to Jonsson, the importance of the findings is the North Iscelandic Jet change those descriptions and theories about the impact of global warming on Earth's northern hemisphere.

Icelandic Marine Research Institute and the American counterpart, Woods Hole, now working together to conduct further research on the origin of the North Icelandic Jet and its impact.

Woods Hole research ship, Knorr, departed from Reykjavik on Monday (22 / 8), in a one-month expedition to map the North Icelandic Jet in more detail and investigate its origin.

It may be that the presence of the North Icelandic jet off the coast of Iceland a warm salt-mean circulation is not too vulnerable so they can make the liquid Greenland ice sheet. In addition there are two deep ocean currents that can produce the impact melting of glaciers.(ANTARA News / Xinhua-OANA)
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