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78News - Government Regulation on the use of health warnings in the form of images until now still not finished. Various levels of health have also contributed voice. So what's wrong?

Currently, the government is completing the Government Regulation of Tobacco Products Security addictive substances as mandated Health Law No.36/2009 which one of the articles are health warnings on cigarette packs.

Draft has been completed also discussed inter-ministerial technical team and harmonization has been done by the ministries of Justice and Human Rights.

Socialization and consultation are also already underway in several ministries, including ministries of health, law and human rights ministries, and Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare (Welfare).

Unfortunately, there has not been fully acceptance of health warnings in the form of images on cigarette packs, which involves the two ministries of industry and trade. Both are still awaiting the results of the Constitutional Court.

So far the trade ministry did not agree if health warnings are made in the form of images. They still wanted in writing. While the Ministry of Industry agrees as long as broad picture is only 30 percent.

The result, until now still going controversy for the regulations. RPP completion time getting stretched. Some of the reasons for rejection on the basis of such deadly tobacco farmers and the technical inability of small industries to be a big challenge.

Development Coordinator Wrap Cigarette Health Warning Widyastuti Soerojo from the Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia (FKM UI) explains, some requirements in the inclusion of images and text proposed in the Draft as follows:

First, imprinted on the top of the packaging side of the front and rear width of 50 percent, beginning with the word "Warning" by using white letters and black base. Writings also must be printed clearly and prominently, either partially or entirely.

The second, the image should be printed in color. Finally, type the letter must use arial bold font and font size 10 or proportional to the packaging.

"The magnitude of the image based on research that has been done in Canada with an image area measuring the level of effectiveness ranging from 30 to 60 percent, and the results show increasingly large image size meal will be more effective," he explained.

Therefore, some countries such as Canada and Singapore decided 50 percent as the minimum number of the most effective.

Even the countries of Brunei Darussalam had dared to make a decision to include an image by 75 percent in cigarette products in 2012. Uruguay set to 80 percent.

Actually, Indonesia has done this, but it is limited to cigarettes that are exported to foreign countries that require all tobacco products use an image as a health warning.

On the basis of these, should Indonesia had already implemented a pack of cigarettes packaging with a picture.

Indonesia is already implementing health warnings on all packs of cigarettes in small print at the bottom rear surface since 1999.

This warning contains a series of health problems from smoking and is considered ineffective because while it is difficult to imagine a form of the disease, a message that never replaced it does not make smokers believe its dangers.

Dikonfimasi to the House of Representatives, member of Commission XI DPR-RI Subagyo Partodiharjo said this rule should be made good and, seeing no clear laws that protect the public from the dangers of smoking.

"People need to be protected against the negative effects of smoking. Anything that hinders the protection included in the crime," he said.(bog)
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