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Written By Bogie on Selasa, 20 September 2011 | 13.22

Bangka, Bangka Belitung province (Babel) was once famous as a place of tin mining. Having exhausted the source of tin mines, living large holes remaining. This fear became a big hole where the malaria mosquito brood.

The hole former tin mining or commonly known as pit does have potential as a mosquito brood. But this condition is affected by water turbidity and pH values ​​also owned the water in the pit.

"The results show for the new mine was not found larvae, but if the pit is covered with grass so he could potentially have mosquito larvae," said Harmendo, SKM, M. Kes as Head of Puskesmas Sungailiat P2PL Bangka, Bangka, Monday (19/09/2011).

Meanwhile Kadinkes Bangka Belitung province, said the older the Hendra Kusumajaya under the mosquito larvae will likely appear bigger. This is because already ditumbuhinya grass, algae or moss in and around underneath it.

"While in the pit a young, mosquitoes can not survive because there are heavy metal content in the water, mosquitoes can die," said Hendra.

Hendra said that generally the area at risk of malaria is the close of the brood up to within 2 km of the mosquito brood.

Other factors such as behavior also influences mainly seasonal migrants who built the camps there.

Apart from malaria, some of the problems can also arise under such diseases cikungunya, accidents (some time ago there were 4 children died from a shower under) this is because the water is polluted, and can also cause skin diseases.

Even so, under-under can be utilized such as providing fish seed in it and manipulate it with the way water flowed. As in the Central Pacific that makes pit-pit as a place of freshwater fish farms.

"It takes a behavioral intervention to prevent malaria, such as wearing mosquito nets, the behavior of Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBs) in themselves and also around the house and using the lotion," said Hendra.
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