Former Assistant Clinton, Nominated Prime Minister

Written By Bogie on Jumat, 16 September 2011 | 22.47


PORT AU PRINCE - Former assistant U.S. President Bill Clinton, Gary Conille, a nomination for prime minister of Haiti. He officially became the nominee after mengatongi 89 sounds or voices around the lower house of parliament, on Friday (09/16/2011) local time.

Legislators Jacinte Saurel said, after mengatongi vote majority in the lower house of parliament, Gary still must get approval from the senators. The vote in the senator, planned to be held on Tuesday (09/20/2011) future.

Haitian President Michel Martelly lead the government without a prime minister since last four months. The prime minister previously arrested for handling cases of reconstruction of the earthquake that is not appropriate.

Conille is an experienced construction workers to the United Nations. He once worked as chief of staff of Clinton, as a special representative for UN in
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