Ferguson: Surely Chelsea will be desperately

Written By Bogie on Jumat, 16 September 2011 | 21.54

MANCHESTER - Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes Chelsea will be working hard to bring his best game in the Premier League match between the two at Old Trafford on Sunday night. According to him, Chelsea would not mess with a challenge match against Manchester United in this weight class.

Chelsea Ferguson himself look different from other teams. When Manchester United and Manchester City to start early with a perfect league season, a number of teams already preparing to lose the title. However, he continued, the team made by Andre Villas-Boas is sure to be working hard to clinch the title.

"The match between Chelsea for seven years is problematic. Usually there's only one goal, and I think they'll play harder on Sunday," he said.

The Scot was hailed Chelsea as a team with great experience. Media publication that is more directed to Manchester United, he continued, Chelsea certainly benefits that are often behind the scenes to prepare. Therefore, Ferguson believes Chelsea will be one of the major competitors in the Manchester United Premier League title.

"I have no doubt about it," he added.

Chelsea itself is determined to stop MU's performance is judged to have a very good start at the beginning of the league season. Although the Londoners it will come to Manchester as an underdog because it has suffered three defeats against Sir Alex Ferguson's foster children are. Chelsea suffered defeat on Manchester United in the Premier League and Champions League at the end of last season.
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