Grandchildren caregivers Khadafy drenched Boiling Water

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Shweyga Mullah, a caregiver Khadafy grandson, tells how he washed down the boiling water by Khadafy only daughter because she refused to hit the grandson of the tyrant. Mullah whole body full of sores and scabs now.
CRUELTY and brutality Khadafy family one by one revealed. A nanny who worked for one of the sons Khadafy tells how he washed down the boiling water by Khadafy only daughter because she refused to hit the grandson of the tyrant.

Mullah Shweyga whole body is now full of cuts and sores. He allegedly had been tortured by the wife of Hannibal Khadafy, namely Aline Skaf, a former model. Mullah was found lying in a room in one of the luxurious family villa on the beach Khadafy west of Tripoli.

Ethiopian citizens can only sit slumped on a mattress on the floor, when she tells her story calmly told CNN reporter, Dan Rivers on Sunday (29/08/2011). Mullahs (30) came from his home country to work as a nanny for the couple's daughter and son Hanibal and Aline years ago. Initially just fine, said Mullah, but after six months of torture began.

He explained, Aline was so upset when her daughter did not stop crying and Mullah refused to hit the boy. "He dragged me into the bathroom. He tied my hands to my back and tied my legs. He stuffed my mouth, and began to pour boiling water over my head."

Shortly after the torture, "There are maggots out of my head because he hid me, and no one see me." And Rivers said, when he walked into the room where Mullah bed, she thought she was wearing a hat and something in his face. Rivers then later realized that the entire scalp and her face full of red sores and scabs. The wounds that form the mosaic patchwork of weird on her face.

"Dada, body, and legs are all mottled because the scar several old wounds, some still red and wet, and juicy. As he spoke, a clear liquid flowing from one open wound on his head," wrote Rivers.

A guard had brought to the hospital Mullah. His wounds were treated. However, when Aline know it, the guard threatened with jail if he dared to help her again.

"When he did all this to me, for three days he would not let me sleep," said Mullah. "I was outside in the cold, without food. He told the staff, 'If someone gave me food, I'll do the same to you'. I do not have drinking water, no nothing." Mullah said, he was forced to watch the dogs eat, while he starved.

Mullah tortured twice. Last ordeal happened three months ago. He said he was eager to hospital for treatment, but can not because Khadafy families do not pay "one penny" his salary for his work for them.

A colleague, Bangladesh man who does not want to be named, said he was also regularly beaten and slashed with knives. He confirmed the story and said Mullah, Khadafy family dogs are treated much better than the staff who work with them.

CNN visited the luxurious beach house in a family-owned complex that Khadafy Sunday. The first home seems a condo for a "party" that has a large door and impressive modern look with shades of black and white room. Although it has been looted by the rebels, the house still looks spectacular, with panoramic views towards the sea.

Used bottles of whiskey Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch and boxes of Laurent Perrier champagne on the floor. A bed round the center of the master bedroom. Master bath features a jacuzzi tub which is coated white plastic flowers. Outside, there is a hot tub, bar and barbecue area are fused with a private beach.

Other villas have a grand piano and expensive stereo equipment. Beside it there is a large swimming pool and diving complex, a gym, steam room and sauna as well as made of white marble.

The rebels appear to share bottles of Cristal champagne and St Emilion Bordeaux worth hundreds of dollars.
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