Grandpa 100 Years It Come Running Marathon

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Fauja Singh ,Grandpa 100 Years It Come Running Marathon
EDINBURGH, This is the world's oldest marathon runner. His name Fauja Singh and he was already 100 years old. He was the first person to enroll for the 2012 Edinburgh Marathon.

The man born 1 April 1911 was admitted liked running since the farmers in Punjab, India. But he had to pursue the sport after moving to England.

Until now he was practicing with the running as far as 16 km every day. When asked recipe fitness and physical strength, Fauja not hesitate to share secrets. "I eat curry and drink ginger tea as much as possible every day," he said.

"I'm not an educated person. For me, the secret of a happy life is like charity, healthy living and positive thinking," he said.

"If someone told me I should stop running, I will ignore them. Secret of longevity and healthy life is stress free," he added.

"Why worry about things that we can not change? Be thankful for whatever we have, stay away from negative people, and Always smile and keep on running."

He began to actively follow the marathon since the age of 89 years. Now he has competed in seven international marathon. Five times in London, once in Toronto, Canada, and once in New York, United States.

Currently Fauja Singh is the world record holder for marathon runners to the age of 90 years and over. Record time of five hours 40 minutes achieved while attending the Toronto marathon
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