Your fate is determined the month of birth?

Written By inor ranggalawe on Rabu, 07 September 2011 | 07.46

Jakarta - Some people might think of astrology as a figment. But, believe it or not, a British study revealed that the month of your birth will affect your profession at a later date.

UK national statistics agency (Office for National Statistics), as quoted by the Telegraph, researching statistical tendencies in the country and found an association between month of birth with one's profession.

A person who was born in December for example, tend to be a dentist, while born in January have a great opportunity to become a debt collector.

Those who have a birthday in February are more likely to become an artist. There are also born in March is usually a pilot.

Another case in people who are born in April and May. This group usually has a variety of professions. While those born in June to September have a smaller chance to be a footballer, doctor, or dentist.

The findings of the researchers inferred from the analysis of the people who work in 19 different professions in the last census in Britain.

Commenting on the study, Russell Foster, a neurologist at Oxford University, confirmed the season's growth of a human influence.

"I do not support astrology - it does not make sense - but we are not immune to the influence of the season," said Russell.

"It seems absurd, but the period when you grow in the womb is affected by several things such as how long you live, how smart you are in school, weight and your height," said Russell. (ANTARA News)
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