Bomb in New Delhi Court Kills 9 People

Written By Reva on Rabu, 07 September 2011 | 05.43

NEW DELHI, - A suspected bomb put in a suitcase exploded outside the High Court in New Delhi on Wednesday (9/7/2011).

The attack killed at least nine people and wounded 45 others.

The explosion occurred at around 10:00 that morning was the first since three major attacks in Mumbai July 13. The incident menewasakn 20 people.

At the Mumbai attacks, the main accusation is aimed at extremist group known as the Indian Mujahideen. But until now no single person detained.

The bomb exploded Wednesday morning not far from the crowds lining up to take the cards into the courthouse, the Interior Minister RK Singh explained.

"The bomb was allegedly put in a suitcase because we found remnants of his trunk. Six people were killed and 45 wounded in this attack," Singh told CNN-IBN television.

For the High Court, the attack was the second this year. On 25 May, there was a small explosion, the suspected car bomb failed to
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