KHADAFY allegedly Run With Truck Full of Gold

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Rute of KHADAFY allegedly Run With Truck Full of Gold

KHADAFY said to have fled from Libya on Tuesday (09/06/2011) night in a convoy 250 armed vehicles, including trucks full of gold and cash. Italian news daily, Corriere della Sera, on 25 August mention, Khadafy had estimated 25 tons of gold with a total value of about 10 billion U.S. dollars.

British media, the Daily Mail on Wednesday (07/09/2011), reported that the deposed tyrant, who has ruled Libya for 42 years, reported to the impoverished west African countries, namely Burkina Faso. The former French colony has said it will provide protection Khadafy, the South African-brokered deal.

The convoy, consisting of the supporters of the Libyan colonel, including the head of the Mansour Dhao security forces and tribes, across the desert to the country of Niger. They arrived in Niger's capital, Niamey, last night. The reports were not confirmed last night. But the United States has said it remains confident Khadafy still in Libya.

However, intelligence officials suspected there was tremendous agreement that bridged South Africa and France, acting on behalf of NATO, in order 'to prevent bloodshed more widespread in Libya' to let Khadafy and his family go. The new leader of the Libyan National Transition Council (NTC) refused to confirm the deal but said the NTC has been 'signed' an agreement that allows the dictator who dropped it had no more than 72 hours to cross into Niger, a country impoverished former French colony and caged in southern Libya. One son Khadafy, once considered the heir would, Saif al-Islam, is said to accompany his father, along with a number of trucks laden with gold and cash.

Niger officials insisted the uncertainty about the existence of the former Libyan leader by declaring that he is not in the convoy when the convoy crossed the border. But they said, he might have joined the convoy after Khadafy took a route through Algeria.

The rebels, NATO Special Forces, helicopters and spy planes have been monitoring the border area, an escape route for the most realistic Khadafy regime officials and military officers. Countries neighboring Libya, Algeria, last week received a daughter, wife and two sons Khadafy. Several rebel officials confidently confirmed that a convoy of 10 vehicles have been carrying gold and cash denominated in euros and dollars across the border with the help of tribal fighters to Niger yesterday. In the convoy there were soldiers and Tuareg tribal fighters, who had fought as a mercenary for the regime Khadafy, including Dhao, chief security unit Khadafy, and more than ten other senior officers.

The group was said to have spent a night in downtown Agadez, Niger, and continued yesterday with menembuh distance of 600 miles to the capital Niamey, in the southwest corner of the country, near the border with Burkina Faso.

Khadafy previously firmly declared he will not leave Libya and its spokesman, Ibrahim Moussa, said yesterday: "We will fight until victory. We're still strong, and we can turn things around, defeating the traitors and NATO allies. Mommar Khadafy in conditions good health and high spirits. He was in a place that will not be achieved by insurgent groups, and he was in Libya. "

Moussa's speech despite the fact many senior military figures and military regimes have left Libya.

South African President, Jacob Zuma, in his role as the African Union's special representative for the case of Libya, has played an important part in finding a safe place for Khadafy. Under the agreement involving the role of Zuma, the convoy was escorted by the Niger army, it was reported overnight.

According to the Daily Mail, Khadafy and Saif will spend time in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, but it was not their final destination.

NTC commander last week said the father-birth was in the stronghold of the tribe of Bani Walid, 90 miles south of Tripoli. But they escaped, possibly through an underground drainage system.(KOMPAS)
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