Minka Kelly beat Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment

Written By JSap on Kamis, 22 September 2011 | 22.58


LOS ANGELES, KOMPAS.com - The act of sexual harassment can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. The incident turned out to apply also to the beautiful actress Minka Kelly.

More recently, star of Charlie's Angels remake it claimed to have been harassed by a diving crew while shooting for her latest series.

Not explained as to what form of sexual harassment it receives. It's just that, Kelly was frustrated not playing with action indecent man. Because of his temper, he was cursing and hitting rough punggul the man in front of the crew and director to the tails of the dismissal of the perpetrator.

"Please do not ever be rude like that again to me or other women as well," he told TMZ.com.

Kelly along with other stars, namely Ilonzeh Annie and Rachael Taylor, playing together in a remark that was popular television series in the 1970's with the same title.
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