Mysterious Fire Ball

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Mysterious Fire Ball(ilustration)
LOS ANGELES - A mysterious fireball streaking across the night sky the United States on Wednesday (14/09/2011) local time, and shocked residents who saw it.

Fireball can be seen by some residents in seven states in the western U.S., from Phoenix, Las Vegas, down to the coast in southern California.

Report sightings of the mysterious objects overwhelm the authorities and media offices in the territories. Residents say they saw a bluish-green fireball flew rapidly from west to east around the western U.S. time 19:45 (Pacific Daylight Time / PDT or 9:45 pm today at around Thursday, 09/15/2011).

Some other residents reported, the object is colored yellow and orange. Several witnesses had time to record the object and upload it on YouTube.

Various speculations emerged about the fireball that, starting from the plane that crashed alien beings to ordinary airplane accident.

However, Program Manager Sky Objects Near Earth (Near-Earth Object) Don Yeomans of NASA said the mysterious object was most likely a kind of large meteors that are scientifically called "ball of fire" (Fireball).

"We can not ensure 100 percent, but almost certainly the object is a ball of fire, a meteor the size of a basketball or baseball which broke out before falling to the ground," said Yeomans.

Yeomans added, the fireball is usually caused by fragments of asteroids that enter Earth's atmosphere. Bluish green color reported eyewitnesses indicate that the object contains elements of magnesium and nickel, while the citizens of orange indicates that the object enters the atmosphere with a speed of several kilometers per second, which is comparatively moderate speed for a meteor.

According to NASA scientists, the fireballs are more rare than a shooting star, meteor smaller categories.

However, the fireball is almost always happens every week somewhere on Earth, usually above the sea, so they rarely saw anyone. "It is a common natural phenomenon and nothing to worry about," said Yeomans.

A spokesman for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Ian Gregor, also has stated, there is no flight incidents involving aircraft in the western U.S. at this time. 
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