Ambon Began Condusive Condition

Written By Bogie on Jumat, 16 September 2011 | 11.04


Jakarta - After the clashes, the security situation in Ambon, Maluku is now conducive. Activities of people in the region have also gradually to normal as before.

"It's very conducive since two days ago well and gradually returned to normal as before," said Chairman of the Beta-Jakarta Maluku, Ongen Sangaji, Friday (09/16/2011).

He said employees of government offices and buildings are re-running the activities of each. Markets, both traditional and modern, lectures and school buildings and other public places also show a normal situation as usual.

"I always call my brethren in Ambon and they say that the situation was normal again, and the activity has been quiet as usual," he said.

Ongen said he has always been coordinated with local Moluccas, a number of community leaders, religious and youth to know the current situation there. Any information he received, always in kroscek to the local community.

"I always coordinating with people who can believe. Any information I receive, I find out the truth, so that issues are not widespread and the atmosphere," he explained.

In fact, his own and his group formed a team in Jakarta Beta Moluccas. This team, he said, was formed to create a situation in Ambon is safe and secure.

"Our brothers and sisters here entrusted me to receive accurate information from me. So all the doors, so that information is erroneous and a maze," he said.

He continued, he himself had heard the information that the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) will come to Ambon. In order to know the truth, Ongen direct contact FPI party, headed by Habib Rizieq it.

"I myself have a check to the party Habib Rizieq, in this case Munarman that I contacted, that there is movement FPI related to Ambon, he said is not true. The truth, on Friday before the FPI will help our brothers in Maluku, that's what I Munarman heard of, "he explained.

"I say, please help with social assistance," he said.

Ongen also calls on all parties to create an atmosphere of peace on earth Moluccas. People who do not understand about the Moluccas, are asked to not interfere and provoke.

"Let people finish up with a way Maluku Maluku. People who do not know, do not add to the issues that are not true and provoke," he said.

According to him, let the people of Maluku solve their problems with their customs and habits.

"There have custom. The role of the king is very important to resolve regional conflicts. Do not menambahan anxieties and worries. We're tired of the issues, please do not make us nervous," he said.

Meanwhile, he urged the group not to be provoked by issues that have not been verifiable. While he did not forbid if any group will be to Ambon in the near future, if not do the things that can disturb the atmosphere.

"Come to see the family is natural, but when it comes to provide information that is not true and do not act right, I am prevented," he said.
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