Symbian phones Processor 1 GHz Plus Cheap Price

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Nokia should change its strategy so as not to lose prestige. The way taken by some vendors are pushing the price in the market but while maintaining the quality and technology diusungnya. Through Syimbian began the plan. Latest Symbian phones do not exist under the range of 2 million dollars. And we know the Symbian phones (especially the version of Anna) is generally a high end phone.

Monday (01/08/2011) Nokia officially announced the Symbian mobile phone from the line of Anna who has a qualifying high-end components, but at an affordable price. And, for the first time a series of Nokia 500 is a record as the first Symbian phone that uses a 1 GHz processor. This series also offered physical things that were once used by Nokia to sustain its action in the world mobile phone market, such as the back cover that can be changed (in the sales package provided two types of cover).

Equally important is a phone that weighs only 93 grams, using a 5 MP camera with internal memory space reaches 2 GB. It could still be expanded to a memory card (microSD). Nokia 500 also was asked as a phone that can be used in all countries. See, the frequencies of GSM for 2G and 3.5 G (HSDPA) is offered is very comprehensive indeed. Plus Wi-Fi wireless connection and Bluetooth (unfortunately only version 2.1).

This series of technology use touch screen to its interfaces. Using a screen measuring 3.2 inches with a density reaching 16 million colors.

If the pricing policy applied also means Nokia ready to "fight" with some other operating system. Nokia set a price of 150 euros (about USD 1.8 million) before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia do have to answer the challenges of intense competition. It seems that Nokia want to change the paradigm is wrong, that the high end phones cheap quality is definitely low. "This is one example that Nokia continued its journey to continue to innovate denganrangkaian produkponsel our smart and be an example of how Nokia Symbian will continue to support in meeting the needs of the market in coming years , "said Ilari Nurmi, vice president of Nokia.

With a spec that was carried like this, the price of Rp 2 million, you still can compete with other mobile OS. (*)

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