Shaped PC Keyboard Launched Tabulet

Written By JSap on Minggu, 18 September 2011 | 23.14

Erasa company launched the PC keyboard-shaped, mid-September. At first glance, the PC is shaped like a regular keyboard. However, in it there are systems such as PCs in the computer.

In a press statement, Marketing Communication Company Erasa, Dyah, said the PC is called Tabulet Alpha.

"Tabulet Alpha Company is the fourth product Erasa. Previously, the company launched Tabulet Mech, Tabulet Beat, and Tabulet Troy," said Dyah.

Tabulet Alpha is equipped with an Intel Atom 1.8GHz D525 (Dual Core), RAM with a capacity of 2GB DDR socket 3, Hard Disk 2.5 "250GB Sata, a built-in speakers, and WiFi with integrated antenna on either side of the device.

Hardware is also wrapped with a stylish look, slimline model and ergonomic design. This product is priced at Rp 2.399 million.
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