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THAILAND - The Malaysian tourists were among four people killed and 110 wounded in bomb explosions in southern Thailand, authorities said on Saturday (17/09/2011).

Three citizens of Malaysia, including a boy aged three years and a Thai citizen killed by bomb explosions near two hotels and a cultural center of China-Thailand in a coordinated attack in the town of Sungai Golok, Narathiwat Province, on Friday night.

Police said the rebels may intentionally injure the tourists with three bombs, one of the strongest in recent months in the southernmost Muslim-majority place seven years of resistance that has killed thousands of people.

"The insurgents aimed to increase the level of violence in international terrorism with mengincer foreigners," said Phaithoon Choochaiya, Southern Frontier Province police commander, during a visit to see those who are injured at the city hospital on Saturday morning.

The guerrillas are always targeting the security forces, government employees and the Muslims and Buddhists in the attacks. However, violence against foreigners are rare.

Machete River hospital director said 19 Malaysian tourists were among those injured still hospitalized from injuries they alamiu and the other victims have left hospital.

Two bombs outside the hotel and cultural center Parkson China - is placed on motor bikes. The other blast occurred outside the Merlin hotel near a police station and an estimated one car bomb.

Other police and military provide another explanation about the violence, saying the drug traffickers, who gave money to the local gerilauwan, triggering the blasts to avenge the government's actions and hardware against drug traffickers recently.

The explosion Friday night was definitely retaliation from drug traffickers that fund insurgents. Each of us focused operations against drug traffickers, there will be violence, "said police commander Colonel Jakkarporn Tatong River Machete told AFP.

Lt. Udochai Thamsarorat IV of the Military Command said the illegal activity that is causing all the chaos in the area.

Approximately 4,800 people were killed in the attack almost every day since early 2004, said Deep South Watch, a faction of independent research to monitor the conflict in the three southern provinces near the border Malaysa it.

The group said it saw a higher frequency of attacks with greater intensity of violence in recent months.

On Thursday five soldiers were killed after they fired the injured grilyawan due to hit a roadside bomb, police
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