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Written By JSap on Minggu, 18 September 2011 | 23.30

Viewed from a long history of development of Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows 8 may be regarded as the third milestone after the presence of Windows 95 with a navigation system and the Windows 32 Taskbar is the first version of Windows.

Windows 8 offers an interface and experience a truly new for Windows users. However, for users of touch-screen gadget, the presence of Windows 8 is nothing more than follow the developments that era, in which the role of a keyboard and mouse were taken over by the touch and sweep of a finger.

After Microsoft released Windows 8 trial version for developers, two days ago, I immediately downloaded the file. I have used is a 32 bit Windows Developer Preview of 2.8 GB. Files ending in. Iso must be "burned" into the DVD first. Previously, I tried to install directly from the hard disk and flash disk, but stopped in the middle of the road. Installing this operating system must use DVDs.

The installation process does not take long. Only about one-third the time required to install Windows 7 that have previously been embedded in laptops. The green color will dominate the display during installation.

Installation is complete, users will be immediately taken to the Start page is no longer attached to the Taskbar. In the newest version, Windows Start Menu Start page transformed into elongated shades of green that is filled with the default application buttons. This is the entrance of Windows that is fully dedicated to the device touch screen. This view is immediately reminded me of the iPad who became my second device within the last year.

Please note, in this trial version, all applications (beyond the Windows default application) that exist in previous versions of Windows can not be used in this version, including Microsoft Office applications.

Due to Microsoft's latest operating system I use on a laptop Acer, features a touch screen can not be used. However, it does not matter, because Windows 8 can still be used on computers or laptops without the touch screen. To scroll to another menu, I simply roll up the page with your mouse or click the arrow button at the bottom of the Start page. While in the top corner, there is the user profile whose picture can be replaced by utilizing existing webcam.

Although the look of the Start Menu changes, Windows still maintains the old view that here referred to as "Desktop". Once you click on the Desktop menu, you will return to the old atmosphere, complete with pictures desktop, Taskbar panel, and the "Start" Windows logo in the lower left corner.

But, once again, the Start button will not remove a row of menu as in previous versions. When you click the Windows logo or pressing the Start button on the keyboard, you will be pulled back to the Start page. In addition, you can highlight the mouse to the left corner of the taskbar to bring up the buttons governance consists of the Settings menu, Devices, Share, and Search.

When it gets into Windows Explorer, I find the display a new menu that is more structured. I consider this view as the standardization of Microsoft Office 2010 appearance that, in addition to the Windows Explorer, also applied to the WordPad application.

To move to the previous application, you can still use the key combination Alt + Tab or Windows key + Tab (but animated Aero does not come out in this version). In addition, you can switch between applications by attaching the cursor to the left side of the screen. A minilayar will exit near the cursor which will take you to another application. Wait for the next review. (Kompasiana / Iskandarjet)
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