Selling Android, Microsoft Most Lucky

Written By JSap on Minggu, 18 September 2011 | 23.20

Although the development of Windows Phone no sepesat IOS Apple or Google Android, Microsoft is still reaping the rewards of the smartphone industry is growing rapidly. Not because Microsoft is getting quite a bit of money from the sale of Android.

Why Microsoft could gain a lot of money from Android? This is because Microsoft provides a soft policy towards the use of Intellectual Property used in theirs Android smartphone. Microsoft adheres to the principles of patent licenses so that some of those patents are used by their Android Relax to wear long as there is payment of royalties to the patent is used. The amount paid by some vendors Android is estimated at least three times the income derived by Microsoft from selling Windows Phone device.

Microsoft's policy is very different from Apple Inc who want their gadgets superiority, both the iPhone and iPad. With this concept, Apple Inc. does not want imitation, let alone the illegal use of patents owned by Apple Inc. smartphone or tablet produced by other vendors.

Microsoft's approach is in accordance with the conditions of patent wars. Although not much like Apple Inc. reported that many vendors accused of Android, Microsoft's revenue gain very much from the Android. In the past month of May 2011, Asymco report any Android devices are sold by HTC, Microsoft will gain five dollars. When HTC predicted this year could sell 50 million smartphones, of course, Microsoft will acquire 250 million U.S. dollars. This is just one vendor.

A few days ago, Microsoft has agreed with ViewSonic and Acer in patent licensing. Although not mentioned how big the deal, analysts believe Microsoft will be the greater revenue from Android. Moreover, not just Android, Chrome laptop produced by Acer will also pay royalties to Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft's policy is very lenient in giving patents tremendous value. It seems that Microsoft will not take the way that Apple Inc. sued for alleged patent infringement pesiangnya because they just want a royalty so that it can provide income that is not a little to the company's cash. (Kompasiana / Kimi Raikko)

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